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Why We are the Best Emergency towing service

Emergency Towing 

Young man in snow with broken down car

Urban Towing Emergency Towing services is all about Emergency towing. We understand and value your time.

What time means to us:

Value of an hour – ask a passenger who just missed his flight

Value of a minute – ask a person who just missed the train

Value of a second – ask the runner up of an Olympic competition

Value of a fraction of a second – Ask the ‘Ghost’ of a motorist who died in the accident!!!

You see, time is of the essence and we value it as much as you do and that is why we are available to you all year round to reach you as fast as possible, sometimes within 20 minutes flat. We understand how stressful an emergency situation can be and our priority is to get there at lightning speed.

Once our professional and friendly experts reach the spot, they will quickly assess the situation and provide you instant affordable solutions with no quality compromise. Service quality is something we are proud of at Calgary Towing services. Our experts utilize only the best high end state-of-the-art technology and tools to assist you with every car solutions be it towing, locksmith or roadside assistance services.

Just as you are important to us so is your car. We assure you the best car care and safety while towing. We understand what wear and tear can do to your car while towing. Our flat-bed towing service is one among the best services because we comprehend your car’s safety and maintenance. But if you want towing dolly, we have it. We tow camper vans, recreational vehicles, step vans and trucks as well.

Why choose Urban towing services?

There are numerous reasons why customers choose us and become our most prized loyal customers over the years, here is why:

  • On-the-spot within 20 minutes or less
  • Friendly, expert technicians who make you feel comfortable
  • Our #1 priority – YOU!
  • Our #2 priority – Your Car!
  • Our #3 priority – Right solution at the right time at the right price!!
  • Highest quality service – no compromise in quality
  • High end technology, tools and resources
  • Available 24/7, no breaks, no holidays!

These are some of the reasons why we are so popular with our customers and once they become our customers they stay with us and become our loyal customers for life. Satisfaction is a guarantee and it is a way of life here at Red Deer Emergency Towing services. How are we able to give you this guarantee? It is simply because we are always ‘prepared’ for any emergency situation. We have a fleet of top-of-the-range tow trucks as a standby, our experts have access to high end tools and resources and we have a huge array of equipment handy and available all the time.

We can tow your car to the nearest destination or we can do long distance towing as well. Your car’s safety is our main concern. Different models of cars need different approaches to towing techniques and we will assess that on the location and offer you affordable and safe emergency towing solutions. Even if your car is stuck in a ditch, we can retrieve your car with no damage to your car; you see we care about your car’s safety. What if you just ran out of gas or diesel? No problem, we will refuel your car and get you going.  Overheating, radiator hose, battery shut down or even any unidentifiable problems can be sorted out by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are up-to-date with latest techniques involving auto repairs.

We believe in offering comprehensive automotive solutions in the sense we offer combination of solutions. If you require towing to the nearest garage because it has some automotive issues, our experts will offer the auto repair solutions so that your problem is resolved and you may not even require towing to the nearest garage thereby helping you save money. Red Deer Emergency towing services contains extensive auto solutions namely multi towing services, multi locksmith services and multi roadside assistance. Our wide range of solutions are exhaustive and we leave no stone unturned to give you the peace of mind that you so deserve.