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Whats Special About Calgary Alberta

What makes Alberta special?


A western province in Canada, it is the fourth most populous province. With the bustling cities of Calgary and Edmonton to vast rolling prairies, its prehistoric bedevils and blue-green lakes borders with pine trees and snow-capped mountains. Alberta is one of the most exciting and lively provinces of Canada. Its diverse terrain provides the perfect setup for some adventure freak. check out our home page we are based in Calgary

Alberta’s natural beauty will leave you in awe of your surroundings. It also boasts five UNESCO World Sites. The vivid landscapes views offered by the province ranges from the arid Canadian Badlands in the south to canola fields of central Alberta, and the lush boreal forests in the north will make you fall in love with the place.

While the climbers, skiers brood to the Rockies, the Canadian Badlands are known for their strange rock formations and multicolored canyons. These Badlands are also known to be the home of dinosaurs 70 million years ago. For a paleontologist or a curious mind, the Royal Tyrrell Museum lets you dig dinosaurs or hike through Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Meanwhile, Northern Alberta is the perfect place for the star gazers to head. It provides excellent view spots for northern lights or aurora borealis. It is a perfect place to lose yourself in the constellation of stars. The northern towns of Fort McMurray, Fort Chipweyn, Slave Lake and Grande Praire offer prime places to watch the sky dance and display various colors of gold, red, purple and green, tying the nature’s ribbons of light in a number of ways.

To explore the beautiful scenes of Alberta, many people opt for a road trip, while trains also offer spectacular ways to explore Alberta.

Alberta is the home to over 600 lakes which finest views of the Rockies. The sapphire blue water stretched for miles offers several recreational activities and boating along with some popular cruises including Waterlon Lake.

The best way to grasp every last bit of the beauty offered by Alberta is to go on foot and discover the deeper chasms of the natural beauty. The breath-taking scenery and great terrain will leave you spell-bound. The province is a mother to 500 parks and reserves providing countless trails and walkers can stroll through alpine meadows. Alberta also has Lacombe’s Ellis Bird Farm for birdwatching. Whether by foot, rail or road, one will encounter a wealth of attraction and activities on the journey.

The abundant lakes in Alberta mean that water-skiing, kayaking, boating, and fishing are popular particularly in Sylvan Lake.

Alberta is Canada’s foremost energy-resource province. It has the country’s largest oil reserve in the country, as well as to a vast amount of natural gasses and coal. The province also possesses much of country’s farmable land. Under the enactment of Environmental Protection and Enhance Act, all the natural resources of Alberta are used in a sustainable manner.

Alberta provides a great balance of natural beauty, lovely neighborhoods, sustainable uses of natural resources. The scenic landscapes and the royal blue water stretched out for miles gives an edge to this province above any other.